Proposed Expansion Plans

In Phase I, it is proposed to construct 24 Male Residences, bring the Pagoda to its plinth level and extend the (makeshift) Dining to be able to serve a course size of 50+ students which will allow for economies of scale.

In Phase II, it is proposed to take up the Office, Dining & Kitchen, and 64 cells of the 116-Cell Pagoda Complex.

An estimate of the major works that have to be completed is as below –

Phase wise –

Detail of work (with Estimated Cost in Rs Lakhs.)
24 Male Residences @ Rs. 3.35 L80L
Pagoda (upto Plinth level)60L
Extension of makeshift Dining etc.5L
Phase I145L
Dining and Kitchen Complex70L
64 Cells of the 116-Cell Pagoda Complex85L
Phase II190L
22 Male Residences @ Rs 3.35L75L
24 Female Residences @ Rs 3.35L80L
Phase III155L
22 Female Residences @ Rs 3.35L75L
52 Cells of the 116-Cell Pagoda Complex 80L
Phase IV155L
Total (Phase I, II, III, IV)645L

For more information about Dhamma Madhuvana and its projects, one could contact Babulal Narang +91-9414225425, +91-6378471815 or Ram Prakash Singhal, +91-9314510116.

Please find a Master Plan of the Centre here.